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Hungaria Sparkling Wine is the fruit of over 60 years of compassionate professionalism and daring experimentation. This product is distinguished from other sparkling wines by its ability of continuous renewal. Sparkling wines produced under the auspices of the brand established in 1955 have always been of exceptional quality, which is guaranteed by the accumulated professional knowledge and skills of the brand owner Törley Group. Due to universal fastidiousness, production methods based on time-honoured traditions, and having adapted modern international manufacturing technologies, such a high quality brand of exclusive appearance was created which is superior to other Hungarian sparkling wine brands.

Hungaria sparkling wine’s each element offers an exclusive experience. Due to its ability of renewal and its everlasting elegance, the brand is in the centre of social life. Exciting and unique, just like its consumers. The brand not only follows the trends by being flexible, but also sparkles to the top through renewing itself from time to time.
It provides the consumers with a sense of being special and belonging to the elite group of initiators. Its nonchalant elegance and comprehensive stylishness created a new sparkling wine trend, as it is aptly indicated by its slogan:
Hungaria. Sparkling Wine Reimagined”.

Hungaria daringly goes off the beaten track of sparkling wine traditions; it gains significance beyond the customary celebratory drinking. The brand breaks away from drinking customs, and elevates every-day delights into luxury by identifying sparkling wine consumption with a kind of lifestyle.
It not only fights stereotypes, but also overturns them. Its objective is to show that sparkling wine is more than a protocol accessory; it is a statement, which gives the consumer a style-defining power. The brand believes in the shaping power of universal fastidiousness, regarding both appearance and inner values.